Thursday, March 1, 2012

Payday pays off with a big hit!

So as customary for paydays, I made a stop at my LCS to try my luck. I ended up buying 3 boxes. 2011 SPA football, 2010 Topps Chrome baseball and 2009 UD Signature Stars.

The Topps chrome produced a Reic Young Jr. Rc auto and the best hit was a Brennan Boesch blue refractor rc auto /199. I was pretty pleased here because the Boesch has a BV of $30 by itself and the box only cost me $45 anyway. I'm determined to keep buying '10 Topps chrome until I get a Strasburg or Heyward auto.

Next was the SP Authentic. I was lucky since, although I didn't get a pack of SPx, I did get a Signature Threads rc auto of Austin Pettis /99. At a rate of 2 per case, I'm happy I got one. The auto Patch was a sweet 3 color Kyle Rudolph. Also got a SOTT of Greg Salas and a regular auto of someone I can't remember right now. I was pretty happy since I got 4 autos and one of them being a sweet patch. Still have to see if I got any of the short printed base cards.

Last but certainly not least was signature stars. I'll cut to the chase as I only really remember one card from this box. A sweet future watch jersey auto of Bryce Harper /899! Obviously I was happy with the decision to buy this box and it will most likely be my last Sig Stars buy for a while.

Pretty good satay the LCS if you ask me. Here are some pics of the hits from today.

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